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Crime rates in San Diego have been fluctuating these past few years. Once someone gets arrested, his or her loved ones are more worried than the accused. They are anxious whether the arrested will be treated well inside the prison or whether he or she will be fed appropriately. Bottom line, they feel that the jail is a dangerous place for their beloved especially if the crime that their loved one has allegedly committed is petty or accidental.

Our company is the answer to all your worries and anxiety. We have the best bail bondsmen all over the country, including San Diego. These bail bondsmen were trained under the best legal practitioners to serve our clients efficiently, timely, and professionally. We assure you that our bail bondsmen have excellent credentials to handle different cases. We have offices all over the country ready to serve you. Since crimes happen anytime, we are willing to help you anytime – seven days a week, 24 hours a day, so you won’t have to prolong your worry. 

Once the court sets the bail for the individual arrested, he or she can use cash or his or her property with the same face value as the bail needed for his or her release. However, due to the high bail amounts in San Diego, we do not always expect that the individual arrested or his or her loved ones have the resources for his or her release. This is where our company comes in. If the arrested individual does not have such cash or property for his or her release, our bail bondsman will help the arrestee. One of them will handle the process the release of the individual arrested for a service fee through a bail bond. Once our bail bondsman come to terms with the individual arrested, a document will be signed as between them.  A co-signor is also required from the arrested individual’s end to take responsibility for the face amount of the bail when the accused fails to do his or her court obligations. 

Once everything is settled, our bail bondsman will deliver the bond to the jail, the release of the individual arrested will then ensue. Our bail bondsmen aim to act upon a case in a timely and efficient manner to minimize worries from the accused individual and his or her loved ones. The accused individual is now free – temporarily until charges are dismissed. This means that the accused individual has the responsibility to appear at all scheduled court hearings in San Diego. Failure of appearance in court may make the case more complicated and can tarnish the reputation of the accused.

We offer you the best terms with no hidden charges for our service. By law, a bail bond premium should be 10% of the bail amount set by the court. The amount can be paid using different methods. We also offer term payment terms as an option. We take responsibility for the long process of release for your loved ones in jail. We assure you that you are in good hands with us. If you need advice and a bail bondsman, give us a call and we will serve you immediately.

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